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(Updated 2 April 2012)

Pat (Cleary) Butler just submitted this great photo
of five of the 1971 graduates. Do you recognize
them? Check their names on this page.

CHHS Mega-Reunion:
Classes of 1961-1985!

Saturday, June 23, 2012, from 4:00 to 11:00 PM
Boulevard Flower Gardens (formerly Walthall Berry Farm)

Click here to go to the official event website
for further information and to register!

Pat (Cleary) Butler has provided us with a stash of some great memorabilia! Along with photos and other materials, she has kept programs for the Senior Sermon, the 1970 Junior Ring Dance, and the 1971 Senior Prom. Here's a page with scanned images of the Ring Dance and Prom programs. We'll have more images posted in the near future. Oh, yeah...almost forgot. Here's a special little surprise!

FINALLY!! We have at least three editions of the Colonial Courier available to share with everyone. These have been lent to us by Pat Butler and Freddy Ross. I've scanned the entire May 20, 1971, edition (since it was the last one published before graduation) and the Sept, 17, 1970, edition. You can see them here. The scanned images are fairly large, but I've tried to keep them as small as possible without sacrificing legibility. You may need to download the files and view them separately, if you have problems
zooming in using your browser.

Colonial Courier
of May 20, 1971

Freddy Ross has also lent us a copy of the Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1970 as
it appeared in the Colonial Courier (in which some of our classmates are beneficiaries of bequests)!
Can you say, "Meow"??

Wow!! You wouldn't believe how many class members and friends showed up on Saturday
for our class "Get-Together" in Midlothian! I think the original idea was that we would start
around 4:00 PM and finish up fairly early, but we were still going strong well after 10:00 PM.
Many of our classmates who were there had not been able to attend the July function, so there
were plenty of reconnections with old friends. Karen Moreau took over the DJ duties and was
handling requests for favorite songs for the last two hours or so. We're already receiving pictures
for the website, so stay tuned over the next few days to see how many people you recognize.

We have been tremendously successful in locating "lost" classmates over the last few months.
Every class member we've "found" has been pleased to hear from us and very interested in the website and our class activities. We extend our deepest appreciation to those who have spent so much time to get us in touch with each other again. Please keep it up in the CHHS spirit!

What a great day! Did you miss it? Here are photos from our October 4, 2008, function at Bert and Rose Browning's house. Many of our classmates and friends who couldn't make it to our July get-together showed up for hours of friendship and memories. Check back to see what photos we add as we receive them. In this photo, left to right, are Donald and Debbie (Wall) Barnes, Henry Geiger, Carole (Ellis) Ferrell, and Ruth (Michalek) Zimmer.

Here are some photos from our get-together on July 12, 2008. How many classmates do you recognize? We're still collecting photos from those who attended, so check back frequently to see what we've added. In this photo, left to right, are Patsy Johnson (Arnett), Mark Adwell, and Ron Kuykendall.

Here is the list of the 1971 Graduating Class members. Class members for whom we have e-mail addresses or contact information are noted and you can send an e-mail to those classmates using the form provided. (We do NOT post e-mail addresses on this site.) Please help us out...if you have contact information for "missing" classmates, let us know and we will add it to our contact list.

Here are recent photos submitted by class members. You'll be fascinated by what they've been doing! Most of the pictures include notes about their families, their leisure activities, their careers, and even their pets. And, as always, we are putting more pictures up as time permits. Remember, we're depending on YOU to send us your photos and notes to add to this site!

Here is the 1971 Commencement Program, including the list of graduating seniors and a list of students receiving awards and scholarships. The image files are large, so be patient when downloading them if you have a slow connection. If the program is not legible in your browser window, expand the image or right-click on the image and download it to your local computer.

Here are some scanned pages from 1969 and 1970 programs for the Colonial Heights High School football team. These include pictures of the coaches, cheerleaders, and Minutemaids.

I couldn't even remember the themes of the Ring Dance and the Senior Prom. Fortunately, we have these to help us out. (I can't believe that we put the lyrics to "A Time For Us" in the program.) And whatever happened to "The Sheepherders"?? Did they ever evolve into "The Shepherds"??

Here are scanned pages of three issues of The Colonial Crier from 1971. The issues, music, and gossip are both fascinating and amusing. How did we ever grow out of that period of our lives? Many thanks to those who contributed to the Crier (you know who you are.) If anyone knows the exact dates of the two issues with unknown dates, please let me know. (I've tried to make these legible on a browser, but you may have to right-click and download the high-resolution target images.)

Here are some old photos. Sorry, like most of us, I tend to save the photos in which I appear, but you'll also see Mike, Claude, David, Ian, Harry, Wilson, Fred, and others. At left, it's (L to R) Ian Wright, Tim McIntyre, David Kennedy (typically making an inappropriate gesture with his right hand), Kile Unterzuber, Mike Hingerty, and Claude Anderson. Hey! Send me some old photos so I can add to these, OK?

No Sony MP3 cassette players in cars...heck, most car radios wouldn't even pick up FM stations. If you listened to music on the way to school, it was often WLEE 1480-AM in Richmond. Many of us were into music that never showed up on AM radio. (Seems like I recall Claude liking The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.) To refresh your memory, here is a list (PDF format) of the Top 100 Songs of 1967-1971, as determined by sales and airplay. Some of this is still great music...even if you have to lump in "Chick-A-Boom" (Daddy Dewdrop) with the good stuff.

Here are the (hopefully) legible scanned images of the May 20, 1971, Colonial Courier. There are lots of interesting articles in this edition, including the Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1971. Check out the last Courier published prior to the 1971 graduation. Stay tuned for future additions, as we have two more complete editions of the Courier to scan.

Yes, I had a hard time finding a good digital version of the CH varsity letters, so I drew them myself. Here is a high-resolution JPEG image of the letters at the top of this page. And if your memory is fading, here is what the originals look like on a letter sweater. (Let me know if you want a GIF version of this logo with a transparent background.)

Would you like to contribute to this page? If you still have photos from the Junior Ring Dance or the Senior Prom, please consider scanning them and sending them to me by e-mail. High-resolution scans are preferred. Don't worry if there's a crease, scratch, or water-spot...I can usually take them out or minimize the effect. Here's an example of a Ring Dance photo.

More items to come (hopefully.) Many thanks to Jenny King Fisher ('71) for
her assistance and support in putting this site together.

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